Great Healthy Recipe Websites


I LOVE TO COOK. I don’t ever want to lose this passion even when trying to eat super-healthy. I want to make everyone around me healthier too, which is easy because they all love my cooking 🙂

I love the NYTimes Recipes under the health tab. They always have great, yummy things. Like today’s Flax-Granola. (Great way to get some Omega-3’s!)

I would probably throw in some dried cranberries with the raisins, add dried banana chips and leave out pecans – I really despise them.

Also, is a great blog! He tries to make salad interesting and “sexy” and I have made a few and they are great! is another great blog for healthy recipes, but this one is awesome because it keeps meals within the $1-$8 range, so it fits perfectly into college kid’s wallets.

Lastly is a website created by a girl I went to school with, Grace Bateman. Her blog isn’t geared towards healthy eating, but she places a much needed emphasis on natural products and knowing what you’re eating. Plus, the stuff she writes about is delicious.

P.S. – I am semi-addicted to the NYTimes, and this goes also for their entire health section. It is a great resource. Also, reading about staying fit makes you consciously think of it and make better decisions from it.. for example, reading these articles and writing this are making me think less about the Klondike bars in my freezer.. thanks Dad.

P.P.S – I am getting super frustrated because last semester, a JETS player had a great blog about health nutrition and fitness, but I am blanking out on the player and thus I can’t find the blog … arrggghhhh!


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