Chris Webby’s New Mixtape


Chris Webby just put out a new mixtape Webster’s Laboratory with DJ Ill Will and DJ Rockstar(you know the one who always does the intro on it seems), and I really have gotten to like him the past couple months. He’s playing in Clifton Park at Northern Lights tomorrow night, but I am (supposedly) going down to Astoria for a sorority summertime reunion @CentralLounge. Hard decision but I am going to go down (hopefully! have to work out where I am staying still..). Regardless, check this mixtape out. As always, I found out about this new mixtape at This Song Is Sick, a website that has changed my music life. I would love to meet the blogger, and he’s great to follow on Twitter (Nick Guarino – ThisSongIsNick).

Here’s the link to Nick’s free download of Webby’s Mixtape. Listen especially to Track 10 – “The Way”. You’ll recognize the song he samples from the 90’s and I can’t wait to play it in my car. Enjoy!

P.S. – you’re doing yourself a disservice to not go through his blog, at least the last couple of pages. He’s put up so many awesome summer chill songs to download legally and for free. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ThisSongIsSick


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