Stone Barns Center for Farm and Agriculture


If we’eve ever had a conversation about our futures or obsessions or anything like that, I’ve likely mentioned Stone Barns. I have known about it for a few years, but only recently have I been saying “damn, if I could go back and re-do my choice of studies, I’d probably go to culinary school.” In reality, I just want to be loaded and open a center like Stone Barns. Ironically, I live probably 2-2 and a half hours from it and have never gotten the opportunity to go. So for now, I’ll read all articles on it.

Basically, it is a self-sustaining farm and processes all produce, grain and meat on site then has a renowned restaurant where they serve the seasonal dishes – literally from farm to plate in the same area. This concept amazes me in a day and age when what ends up on our plate comes imported from all over the world. I bet you cannot trace the origins of everything on your plate tonight for dinner. I’ve tried before .. haha. I want to go during Sweet Corn Season or Sweet Pea … yummmmmm!

Look it up – I promise it will interest you. I WILL go this summer!

The restaurant is called Blue Hill at Stone Barns – a second restaurant with the namesake, the first being somewhere in the City. The head chef is supposed to be phenomenal.. I’d expect nothing less.

Here’s the link to the restaurant: Blue Hill at Stone Barns

(This is the mother website for both Blue Hills .. named for the childhood farm of chef Dan Barber).

and here’s a great review of it: 2008 Review by Ed Levine


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