mMm Salty


This saturday, while at Jones Beach with my friends, I thought about the idea for a new post. I had a gash on my finger from making my dad a meal on Thursday, when I sliced it open. It hurt so bad! First of all, it is amazing how quickly wounds on your hands heal. Like it is almost gone 4 days later.. wowie. While debating whether to go into the Arctic Water, my friend Demi told me to take off my band-aid because salt water is good for wounds. I knew this, but I was glad she reminded me. So..


I’ve linked to an informative article on the subject, because I know less about it. I can, however, attest to the validity of using neti pots. I developed chronic sinusitis two years ago, and I use a saline rinse whenever I feel stuffed up. They’re actually amazing and so relieving.

So, if you needed another reason to hit the beach this summer, you got one!


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