Best Health Websites for Advice, Tips, Recipes, Workouts, Etc.


"Oh yeah poppin' out babies n.b.d"

There are a lot of great healthy lifestyle websites (and I mean a Lot..) but I have a couple that I really like for an workout tip or healthy snack. Also, even just reading about healthy things inspires you and makes you more conscious of your own lifestyle choices. Self and Fitness magazines’ websites give you a lot of the same great tips as the magazines do, but you don’t have to buy them. They also show the gorgeous models so you can feel sufficiently inadequate, but for free!

Health and Shape are also great resources  and all of these magazines have celebrity articles, which inspire. However, I really like a few websites that are web, not magazine, oriented. FitSugar is a great one, and I recently started reading Fit-Bottomed Girls. It is witty and beneficial. Both of these websites have so much great information its hard to pick one or two articles, but I really appreciate Fit-Bottom’s dvd reviews, because I’m shopping around for a great Yoga dvd. Also, I liked this article, which helps strength training beginners, like me, work on our form. Especially the shoulder press, which I feel I may have been overdoing as of late.

Another article I read recently is the one on soy and almond milk… I drink so much moo milk and I’d have to say I’m moderately obsessed with skim milk and have been since I was a behbeh.. but my dad drinks almond milk and Steph (my sister) drinks soy milk. I bought soy milk once last year, and it was ******* gross. I think I may have tried the wrong kind though, because Steph swears by it. Maybe it’ll be the next move I make in opening my healthy horizon 🙂

So back to my point .. check out these websites!

P.S. – I’ve attached the cover girl of Shape this month .. the only Kardashian I like .. and I actually love/am obsessed with Kourtney. I think I have a ‘type’ for my girl crushes. Rachel Bilson (Sum Roberts), Mila Kunis, Kourtney Kardashian. Less like a crush, more like I want to be them.. *sigh*. Here’s the video behind her shoot.


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