Rabbit Food Yum Yum


I just made a yummy to-go salad for myself at work.

Fill bowl with red leaf lettuce/Bibb lettuce

    (we had Bibb growing in our garden, and I bought red leaf)

Fresh Oregano leaves, ripped

Strawberry Slices

Thin Cucumber slices (I don’t peel cucumber, just wash.. I like the skin)

Raw Almond Slivers

Bell pepper slices

Reduced fat mozzarella (a chunk the size of a big strawberry)

Balsamic Vinegar (your discretion)

Olive Oil (1-2 tbsp, depending on how much lettuce you use)

Ground Black Pepper

Throw in tupperware, put top on, shake what your mama gave ya

The point is to add whatever you have on hand. If we had dried cranberries, or gorgonzola, or red onions, or blueberries, or walnuts, or baby spinach, or tangerines, or raw sunflower kernels, or cherry tomatoes, or heck even cherries, I’d throw all that deliciousness in. With a dressing as simple as this one, everything tastes great.

The other salad I love to make at school (I just got reminded of it), that my friends like too:

Cherry Tomatoes

Dried Cranberries


Gorgonzola crumbles

any kind of lettuce

Balsamic Grilled Chicken

This salad is best with Jackie’s moms homemade balsamic dressing (she should actually bottle and sell it because it is amazzzinnnnggg)!! Anywho, I throw chicken breasts or tenders in a bag with a little of this balsamic and salt and pepper, coat it (the dressing is thicker than regular balsamic), and grill it on a George Foreman.. or any grill. Slice it, throw it in with the other ingredients, drizzle with balsamic.

Since you don’t have the perk of Jackie’s mom’s dressing, regular balsamic would do just fine, I’d probably just marinate longer. You can also reduce it in a pot on the stove pretty easily.

YUM. If you have good aim, throw the hot chicken on top of the Gorgonzola so it gets alllll mellltttttyyyy

If you aren’t trying to trim up your waist, any of these salads would greatly benefit from Nori/Khloe/My invention of “RanchAlamic” (patented). Mix ranch and balsamic dressing together for a flavor explosion on the buds of taste. Not kidding.. this is made even better if consumed alongside 3 personal bottles of Merlot. We had it on a calamari salad fyi.

One last thing, if you have any fresh herbs, throw them in. They are soo yummy when you get a piece of a leaf and you have a flavor explosion. Make sure you like it first though, because if anyone ever surprised me with a hunk of dill or cilantro I’d have a mental breakdown, they are disgustingggg.


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