Cholesterol can be good for your body …?


Last night I made a deep conditioning treatment for my damaged, dry hair. My hair feels great today so I’ll share what I did.

1 cup mayonnaise

1 egg yolk

2 tbsp olive oil

all ingredients ROOM TEMPERATURE

Mix together until all incorporated; lather into hair. Tip: if you have a hungry puppy, get him out of the room, or he will jump up and lick the combination off of your head. He is, however, great for drips.

Focus on ends (the oldest part of the hair) and face-framing pieces (which tend to get dried out the most). I’ve read to have hair damp, but I didn’t wet my hair beforehand because I forgot.) I then had my mother assist me by wrapping my head in saran wrap. She now thinks I am nuts, side note. A lot of what I read about this said to use a showercap, but the saran wrap held up quite well.

I then blow dried my saran cap with a diffuser attached, until it got hot. Then, take an old towel (that you previously put in the dryer to get nice and toasty), and wrap it around your saranny head.

Now, how long you leave it on is up to you. Some sights said one hour. I left mine on for 11 hours while I got a niiice reading session and sleep in. When I woke up, I smelt like a salad, and I immediately got this crap off. First, I rinsed my hair with ice-cold water (quite the way to wake up). After sealing the cuticle this way, I took a normal shower. Voila! I may do this semi-regularly, due to how annoyed I am with my damaged hair. However, this only smooths and hydrates the outer layer of your hair follicle. The only way to really get rid of damage is to cut it off.

However, prevention is the best medicine, so here’s a tip:

Try swearing off hair dryers, straighteners and curling irons for the summer! I only use heat styling once a week in the summer (fighting damage equally weighs against being lazy and not wanting to be any hotter). I also have hair that will lose all styling in a few hours anyways, so it just isn’t worth it. Try braids and natural waves!

❤ – in – healthy sexy hair


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