White Chicken Chili Recipe


My brah Trevor just asked me for my mom’s recipe for White Chicken Chili. Since his visits to our apartment (and now presumably our Sorority house this year :D) last for 5-6 hours at a time, I serve him whatever I make myself. He liked my chili, and wants his mama to make it for him (understandably so, it is sooo delicious).

The soup itself is really good for you! Leave out the dairy accompaniments if you want it to be healthy. You won’t though .. it is too good with them.

Barbie’s White Chicken Chili (with a twist from me)

(I don’t really measure, or follow directions too closely, so I don’t know how many people this will serve or whatever.)

Put a couple second pour’s worth of olive oil in a pan. Add a garlic clove or two, minced and chopped onion at your own discretion. Add 2-3 chicken breasts, chopped into chunks (aim for the size of a grape (?)). Saute these together until chicken is pretty much cooked. Stir in a can of chicken broth (maybe around 2 cups of it I usually use – I tend to buy the cardboard containers of broth and keep in the fridge), 1 chopped tomato, 1 can of Old El Paso (or whatever brand) chopped chiles in liquid – it is a teeny tiny can in the Mexican section of the grocery store [btw, these things are sooo clutch. They make my Queso dip delicious, maybe I’ll share that one soon], some cumin and chili powder, oregano,  salt, pepper, and a drained and rinsed can of white beans. Bring up to a boil, reduce heat to medium low/medium while stirring, and let cook for 7-8 minutes.

*At any time during cooking, if you get the hunch it needs a little more liquid, add a little water and stir.

*You can use canned chopped tomatoes if you want to, also if you have leftover salsa, pour that in. It’ll work. My sister buys Hunts fire roasted diced tomatoes, and those ROCK. Add corn, it’ll work as well. If you bypass the unhealthy stuff under me, at least add a little cornstarch to make it thicker. Actually, that’s not a bad idea regardless.

*You can cook this in a crock pot too for the day and have it when you come home from work.

*Anything in this recipe can be doctored up. Trial and error, but you won’t really make any errors however you make this. Add more beans, chicken, broth, jalapenos, etc.

Now, here’s where it gets super good. If you add a dollop of sour cream, or regular cream INTO the broth, it gets phenomenally good and a delicious light golden color.

(Don’t do this unless you plan on having no leftovers. It’ll keep better without dairy in it.) You probably won’t have leftovers though…

If not, serve with sour cream on top and shredded Mexican cheese. You’ll stir it in anyways once you sit down and it’ll be just as good. I’ve never done this, but I feel this would push it over the edge from delicious to out of this world, add crushed Fritos on top. OMG who suggested that….


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  1. i want this on sunday at 4 am. i can tell i’m going to ask for this so i would not be opposed if you came prepared….

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