Healthy Muffins


First off, this blog instantly reminded me of the FUNNY video Molly, Erin, Jax and I thoroughly enjoy. So I’ll just link to it and get it out of the way! betch.

So I’ve been trying the past few weeks to post a delicious and healthy muffin recipe, and was hoping to post the recipe up here. Problem is, the recipes I have tried so far all aren’t that great. When I do master it, I will share it.

I’ve been substituting white flour for whole wheat flour, and sugar with the brown sugar Splenda variety. I’ve also been substituting the eggs with applesauce, and have been packing in a bunch of fruits and veggies. I also have been trying to incorporate flax seeds. Clearly this is why I am having a little trouble, haha.

My first ones were okay, but not spectacular. I made apple-cranberry-carrot-walnut muffins, and they were great for breakfast, however I found them to be slightly not sweet enough. They rose properly and had the muffin top that looks delicious on food, but decidedly un-delicious on your stomach.

The second ones that I made were great flavor-wise, but I believe my downfall was in not squeezing excess liquid out of the zucchini. I made Carrot-Zucchini-Dark Chocolate Chip muffins, and they didn’t rise properly.

Comment with any ideas for my next attempt, and I promise when I perfect one I will share it!


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