Walk It Out

Walk It Out

A big complaint of many college students is a general inability to manage their time. Juggling schoolwork, extracurriculars, friendships, and relationships all while maintaining one’s mind, body and spirit can prove to be taxing on an individual.

Unfortunately, this stress leads many to eliminate an area of their life in order to focus on the other areas. My friend Brian Haber told me last year on the I.B. porch during a heart to heart, “I don’t have a girlfriend this year. My ‘girlfriend’ is my schoolwork, applications, and finding a job. When I have that secure, maybe I’ll have time for a girlfriend.” While I admire his dedication, (and it will surely pay off), there is a non-cynical part of me that feels there IS a way to strike a balance.

One great way to find this balance I’m sure many of you practice already. Combining areas of your life to complete them in overlap is really a key strategy for holistic maintenance.

For example, studying in the library alone covers the academic sphere of your life, but studying with your sig. other or your friend(s) helps maintain two spheres in the time span of one.

Many couples struggle with the torn feeling of not spending enough time with your sig. other, and not spending enough time with your friends. A crucial part of a healthy relationship is not only being friends with your sig. other, but friends with his/her friends. The couple that plays together stays together 😉

Also, a great thing to do is to bring your friends to the extracurriculars you are interested in. Blending spheres can only enhance both experiences…

Regardless of what spheres of your life you are attempting to combine, there are ways to accomplish it.

A tactic I plan on using this year, as I live with 12 of my closest friends, is exercising together. It is great motivation, can be really fun, and if doing a low-impact exercise, can be an awesome way to stay in touch.

“Walkers have less incidence of cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other killer diseases. They live longer and get mental health and spiritual benefits.” [about.com]

Beautiful Geneseo, if you take your walk through campus and uptown, while avoiding Orchard, is a great and pretty area to unwind with a brisk walk. Throw in some high knees and butt kicks; Jax and have done this on a morning run and it is very funny. Grab a friend and hit the road, and end with a spectacular view of the sunset. This is also a great way to relax in between study sessions.

So Adorable. They're such BFFs after this walk!


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