Healthy Breakfast and Lunch Wraps


I made a yummy breakfast wrap this morning, and I got to thinking of how versatile this type of meal can be. A whole wheat wrap would go well with a sweet breakfast, and a spinach wrap would be great with a savory breakfast. I also have a few ideas for yummy lunch wraps. The wraps we have at my house are probably about 7″ diameter, I’m not talking those huge Moes wraps. We also buy ones with lots of fiber, and calorie compare. You could also use pita bread, or spring roll papers.

Thanksgiving Wrap – turkey breast, cranberry sauce, green beans, mashed sweet potatoes. Gravy if you wish, although it would make this less healthy.

Monkey Wrap – peanut butter smeared on middle of whole wheat wrap, toss in banana slices and raisins. Sprinkle cinnamon on top. Could also add granola/Fiber One in.

Middle East Wrap – Plain Greek yogurt [NOT vanilla, the bland stuff] mixed together with lemon juice and some curry powder. Add diced cooked chicken, apples, celery, grapes into the mixture. Put lettuce in wraps, spoon on chicken salad.

*Try Tzatziki on anything.. it isn’t bad for you and it is legit one of my favorite things on this earth. Souvlaki Wrap MMMMMM!!!

Fiesta Breakfast Wrap (what I made this morning) – dice up onion and bell pepper and chunks of ham. Turn skillet on medium/md.low and spray with PAM. Once hot, crack in 1 whole egg, and then crack another egg and add the egg white; dispose of or save the egg yolk in a plastic sealed cup in the fridge for meatballs, etc. (You could also use egg substitute, I use it at school sometimes and it isn’t bad.) Add a couple small splashes of skim milk, then add salt and pepper, and a chili seasoning blend. We have a McCormicks that we use for chili, and I just added a couple of shakes. Once this gets cooking a little, throw in the chopped veggies and ham. While you are cooking these, smushing with a spatula to break up and scramble it, take a wrap and spread it on a plate. Pile a heaping spoon of salsa in the middle, and throw a little bit of shredded cheese on top. Put in microwave for 25 seconds. When you take it out, pile the contents of the skillet into the wrap. (It also makes sense to mix salsa in to the cooked egg mixture, it may make the dish a bit less messy). Fold up the bottom part, then tuck each side in. (Kind of like how you wrap a baby in a blankie, haha.) This would be yummy if you made with turkey sausage too, but that would take a bit more preparation. These would freeze well; just pop one into fridge the night before you want to eat them to defrost, and then microwave in paper towel until hot (probably a minute or so.) They’re actually delicious.

Pizza Wrap – pepperoni, mozzarella/parmesan, marinara sauce. Beef it up with mad veggies like pizza toppings: olives, bell peppers, onions, spinach, zucchini, mushrooms, garlic, etc.

Veggie Wrap – portobella mushrooms, roasted red peppers, garbanzo beans/hummus/provolone. Thinking of you Jax :*

BLT Wrap – turkey bacon, cherry tomatoes, dark lettuce, avocado slices mushed with a little mayo to make a spread.

Southwest Wrap – Turkey chili, beans, rice. Yum. This would probs be delicious in a lettuce wrap. Butterhead lettuce works best!

I think a wrap with sauteed spinach, pine nuts, garlic, ricotta, salmon would be really yummy also.

Caesar Salad Wraps are great too. You can make buffalo chicken wraps that are healthier with a low fat blue cheese and Frank’s on grilled chicken. Don’t rule out cold cut wraps, as these can be great loaded with veggies, and with mustard instead of mayo. We have this jalapeno mustard at my house right now, and I am not kidding when I say it is [almost] better than mayo. Way more flavor! Speaking of mayo, I don’t rule it out completely..we use Olive Oil Mayo at my house, and it tastes legit exactly the same as regular mayo, at least the Hellmann’s does because I haven’t tried any other ones. It has about half of the fat and calories. However, it has modified starch added in, which isn’t an ingredient in the regular one. Lower the calories of full-fat mayo if you don’t want to give it up by mixing a lesser amount with mustard.

That’s a wrap folks


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