Summer Vegetable Stoup


Not the prettiest thing in the world, but it makes up for it.

I just made such a yummy summer meal and I wanted to share it. I made a lot thinking we could have the leftovers as a side dish tonight for dinner… But I legit just
downed the entire thing! It was that good. I always said I hated zucchini growing
up, and I truthfully had never tried it. I love cooking with it now and making it
as delicious as I can – to make up for lost time.
Summer Vegetable Stoup
Rachael Ray coined this phrase I believe, and I greatly enjoy and support condensing two words into one. Mines more of a liquidy dish though, like it should be eaten with a spork (yes! Another one.) Wanna know my favorite? Legiterally.
Ok here’s the recipe.
Probably feeds 2 people as a meal.. Or if you just had my appetite 1 person, haha.

1 zucchini (peeled or unpeeled, I couldn’t decide so I partially peeled it.)
Half container cherry tomatoes
2 small potatoes, peeled
Some onion – I minced mine but you could leave it in big pieces too – up to you
1 clove garlic, minced
Bay leaf
EV Olive Oil
Water/chicken broth/veggie broth (whatever you have on hand .. broth/water mixture gave great flavor)
Salt, pepper, oregano, really whatever seasoning you like. I used a bunch. We have this delicious steak seasoning that’s kind of all purpose and has a bunch of spices in it already so I put that in about half of every meal I make..addicted.

-Chop potatoes and zucchini into chunks. Set aside.
-Put a little olive oil in skillet on medium. Just enough to cover the bottom.
-Chop up garlic and onion.
-Put them into skillet and cook for a bit.
-Add potatoes and let them chill out for about 5 minutes.
-After this, add zucchini, seasonings, bay leaf
-Pour about a cup of liquid in. Could do more or less depending on whether you’re
looking to eat out of a dish or a bowl. If you use more get a bigger skillet.
-Put top on and simmer on medium for 15 or so minutes..Until everything is cooked thru.
-Pour cherry tomatoes in and disperse thru out.
-Put cover back on for a minute or two, until the tomatoes burst open.
-Remove bay leaf + enjoy!

Easy right? You can add anything in you want! Could make it heartier with sliced
chicken breast..if we had bell peppers or carrots or peas they for sure would’ve
gone can always omit the potatoes if you’re making solely for a side dish.

Eat your veggies!!


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