Follow up to my post about healthy wraps, I logged in on my lunch break to share what I’ve made myself because it is super filling, tastes So refreshing and delicious, and it is healthy!

Whole Wheat Hummus Wrap

Hummus, 1.5 tbsp 35 3 2 2 Remove
1 Med. Green Bell Pepper, 0.4 serving 12 3 0 0 Remove
Mesclin,Mixed greens, Baby Spring Mix (salad with spinach, etc.), 1.5 cup 8 2 0 0 Remove
Hannaford American Cheese Singles, 1 serving 60 2 5 3 Remove
Almonds, 0.1 cup, slivered 62 2 5 2 Remove
10″ Whole Wheat Tortilla Wrap, 1 serving 170 28 4 4 Remove
Lunch TOTALS: calories: 347 carbs:40 fat:16 protein:12

*(I actually think the wraps I bought are 140 calories, not 170. I just chose the wrap they have listed as I am too lazy to insert my own.)

*I also sprinkled on my steak seasoning I’ve mentioned in posts before. I use it on everything, it makes anything taste really yummy. Obsesseddd . It is McCormick Perfect Pinch Steak Seasoning.

I cut and pasted the nutrition information from my nutrition tracker on SparkPeople.Com. I’ll keep plugging Spark People because now that I’ve gotten used to using it, I LOVE it. It holds me more accountable for my meals and is a great resource for any questions you may have or if you need reassurance during a time of weakness.



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