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Vitamin Supplements


I have never consistently taken a multivitamin every day. My boyfriend found this to be crazy, and accuses me of always being sick because of this. So this summer I began taking a women’s daily multivitamin. However, I got curious as to what actually is the best for you. If you’re going to do something, do it right! So today I supplemented by multivitamin with Vitamin B1, Vitamin E and Fish Oil. I decided to do a post on what we should optimally take to get the most out of a vitamin regimen.

My father is also somewhat of a vitamin guru, and his shelf is loaded with different kinds. Convenient for me, as I have been .. borrowing them. He also takes Flaxseed Oil, Fish Oil, and Vitamin E mainly for heart health. (A heart attack is how my grandpa died.) He also had been doing a low carb lifestyle for over 5 years now, and this has gotten him pretty into the whole “health” thing as well.

We both also take a fiber supplement.

A main thing I want to get out of healthy eating habits and vitamins is Omega-3 fatty acids. There is soo much research discussing how great this is for you, and as someone who typically despises fish (I tried salmon for the first time 2 weeks ago.. I guess it was okay..) I really need a supplement! Here’s an article on O-3 fatty acids.

It is super long, but reading the first part gives you the gist … this stuff is great for you, and you really need it in your diet. I’m including this graph from the site:

Nutrient Chart

Obviously, you shouldn’t consume too much of some of these. I love walnuts, and I’ve been eating a lot more nuts this summer, but they are also pretty caloric and have a lot of fat. I refuse to diet where I count calories, I would never stick with it. However, I have been generally eliminating processed food and things that are known to be bad for you, in addition to things from chain restaurants and all fast food. Anyways, the fat in walnuts is a Good fat, as I keep telling my parents, so here is an article for them, and you, to see. (However, when I snack, it is pretty hard to eat only 7 of anything..!)

So, that’s about it for this post, but join me in supplementing your diet with vitamins! If you go to GNC, they create a specialized vitamin regimen for you. I however, am a poor college student, so for now I’ll keep borrowing my dads 😀


First Post


I will be using this blog a lot to list different articles that interest me. I read so many a day it seems, and this is a great way to organize them for not only myself, but other people who find them useful.

Games For The Brain


I freaking love procrastinating with playing games. I play stupid facebook games like its my job, and sometimes at my job. So, when I stumbled upon this website, I got excited. Giving myself the excuse that games are GOOD for me is like giving chocolate to someone who is hypoglycemic and hyperactive. (Anyone? Anyone?) –>


Try Dragger!