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Welcoming My Mom to the 21st Century


One of my favorite memories with my mom is definitely the 3 years I spent with her every morning driving to school and work. When I switched to my private school, it was super convenient as it was on the same road as her office. So, until I got my license, we drove together. Some mornings I was still moody from having to wake up, other mornings we got coffee and sat in silence, but many times we would turn on the oldies station and sing classics. We loved it because there wasn’t really a “morning show” on the station, so it was straight jams. When she got her new car when I was a sophomore, a new feature was the artist and title scroll across the stereo. SO REVOLUTIONARY. Then we developed a game where she would cover it and make me guess who the artist was. I got super, duper good at it and developed a deep love for oldies. As well as getting to really know such greats like Hall and Oates, the Eagles, Ben E. King, Brewer and Shipley, Frankie Valli, Martha and the Vandellas … you get the gist from what’s coming off the top of my head. However, while I appreciate this music, I live in this century and love modern music too (obviously.) However, my mom does not. As we were just discussing this, I challenged her that she doesn’t listen to anything that was around before “Disco” hit the scene, and her response was …. Michael Buble.

Really Barb?

So now I have made it a goal to find her a band that is from this century that she can fall in love with. Her favorite band is the Eagles, so that’s what I’m going with here. I’ll keep you posted! ANY suggestions are welcome.


Chris Webby’s New Mixtape


Chris Webby just put out a new mixtape Webster’s Laboratory with DJ Ill Will and DJ Rockstar(you know the one who always does the intro on it seems), and I really have gotten to like him the past couple months. He’s playing in Clifton Park at Northern Lights tomorrow night, but I am (supposedly) going down to Astoria for a sorority summertime reunion @CentralLounge. Hard decision but I am going to go down (hopefully! have to work out where I am staying still..). Regardless, check this mixtape out. As always, I found out about this new mixtape at This Song Is Sick, a website that has changed my music life. I would love to meet the blogger, and he’s great to follow on Twitter (Nick Guarino – ThisSongIsNick).

Here’s the link to Nick’s free download of Webby’s Mixtape. Listen especially to Track 10 – “The Way”. You’ll recognize the song he samples from the 90’s and I can’t wait to play it in my car. Enjoy!

P.S. – you’re doing yourself a disservice to not go through his blog, at least the last couple of pages. He’s put up so many awesome summer chill songs to download legally and for free. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ThisSongIsSick